Barriers to Mobile Learning


Think low 5 Figures, not 6 or 7. Aside from budgeting for an LRS, you should consider budgeting for an m-learning strategy and implementation if you’ve not already done so.

Secure Access, Reporting, and Tracking

Host content on your organization’s Intranet or wherever you feel it will be secure. We’ll take care of the reporting and tracking. As far as users are concerned, the only people with access to the LRS will be those you authorize for access.

edTotal can host content or your organization can host content. Content can be hosted anywhere and we can track it.

We can integrate with existing LMS implementations.

“Easily integrate” You’ve heard that one before. If you have an LMS, how many of you thought you were done spending money when you purchased the LMS only to find that implementation and administration of the LMS far exceeded its original purchase costs. Each organization implements its own LMS in different flavors and configurations dependent on their learners, content and need for tracking and reporting. Yes, we can integrate with your LMS. The integration effort however depends upon the complexities of the LMS integration requirements. Again, think 5 figures vs 6 or 7 figures.

You place the content in an environment that meets your security, legal and policy requirements.

With the edTotal LRS, you can pick the environment, and edTotal will track it.