REAL Certifications

edTotal sets up the REAL Certification, tracks and reports that a person meets mandated standards and possesses the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to certify their performance.

EdTotal Real Certifications can track any activity, in the classroom, online, in the field, in the plant, in the ocean …

  • Available as an app or responsive web page
  • Mobile ready
  • 508/WCAG 2.0 Compliant
  • Enrollment, Reminder and Completion Emails and Alerts

Design your own certification program or certification system with our edTotal Certification Engine.
Need a customized certification? We build those too.


Connect certification to KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes)
  • Videos
  • eLearning Modules
  • Observable Checklists

    Observable checklist is where an instructor or certification authority observes a candidate perform tasks and documents the successful or unsuccessful attempt of a certification activity on the observable checklist.
    i.e. Tracy attached the trailer to the front end loader.
    The edTotal Certification Engine records the person, activities, date and geolocation of the checklist items.

  • Field Demonstrations
  • Classroom
  • Exams
  • Documents – manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Notices
  • Badges, Learning Badges
  • Attestations

    By signing this document, I attest that I will …
    Have your candidates attest they will adhere to the rules of your program, they have read and understand the terms of your certification.

Success Stories

SCUBA Certification Demo

Define Who Can Access Your Certification

Why edTotal LRS certifications are better than your LMS

  • More detail
  • Track KSAs in the field
  • Demonstration outside of the classroom
  • Can evaluate on job performance
  • Integration with other systems

edTotal LRS is an Activity Tracker

The edTotal Learning Record Store is a certification system, an activity tracking and reporting system, a learning record system, a learning management system that is flexible to meet your certification needs.

REAL Certification Engine schematic