edTotal Services


edTotal provides tracking, compliance and completion records for employees and contractors in your organization.

edTotal can also build and host courses, apps, online job aids, performance support systems.

  • Learning
  • Training
  • Apps
  • Checklists
  • Tasks
  • Actions
  • Experiences
  • Performance observations
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Online job aids
  • Performance support systems
  • Reference
  • and other activities in the field, in apps or on the web

Users can see their progress, but only if you want them to. Their progress can be rewarded with digital badges and certifications.

edTotal can install, configure, and implement a mobile learning platform and edTotal LRS within your organization’s infrastructure.

  • Real time reports of activities (including safety and compliance)
  • Completion/Certification Reports
  • Custom reports


  • Integrated learning and performance support systems for smart phones tablets, PCs
  • Safety, compliance and certification checklists for on site, in the field or shop floor
  • Specialty apps

Mobile Learning Environments - Hubs for Learning and Reference

  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Sales sheets
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • eLearning/mLearning courses
  • Support materials




Learning programs

Classroom instruction


Reference Tools and Online Job Aids

Performance Support systems

Workflow and Triggers

  • Certification and badging systems
  • Link activities to process
  • Receipt of one activity or a set of activities triggers an email, text or another activity
  • Set timely email reminders